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Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Share the Best Advice & Secrets for Mastering Work-Life Balance

Have you ever failed? Hit a roadblock that felt impossible at the time? As a man and a father trying to build a business or two, have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost, working so hard to provide for your family while seemingly abandoning them as you feel increasingly distant, disappointed, almost too frustrated to go forward but with too much at stake to quit?

Learn how these author-entrepreneur-Dads hit a wall, pivoted, built even stronger businesses, and now each has a Million Dollar Story making a difference and changing their families' lives.

Every author represented has one or several businesses close to or above $1Million in revenue. Importantly, these highly successful entrepreneurs share their best advice and secrets for mastering worklife balance; businesses based on increasing sales, monetizing podcasts, employing smart tax strategies, excelling at affiliate marketing, mastering the mindset game, and more!

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